Author: Chouffani, K.
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MOPPR087 Transverse Beam Emittance Measurements of a 16 MeV Linac at the Idaho Accelerator Center 990
  • S. Setiniyaz, T.A. Forest
    ISU, Pocatello, Idaho, USA
  • K. Chouffani, Y. Kim
    IAC, Pocatello, IDAHO, USA
  • A. Freyberger
    JLAB, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  A beam emittance measurement of the 16 MeV S-band High Repetition Rate Linac (HRRL) was performed at Idaho State University's Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC). The HRRL linac structure was upgraded beyond the capabilities of a typical medical linac so it can achieve a repetition rate of 1 kHz. Measurements of the HRRL transverse beam emittance are underway that will be used to optimize the production of positrons using HRRL's intense electron beam on a tungsten converter. In this paper, we describe a beam imaging system using on an OTR screen and a digital CCD camera, a MATLAB tool to extract beamsize and emittance, detailed measurement procedures, and the measured transverse emittances for an arbitrary beam energy of 15 MeV.  
THPPR068 Laser Compton Scattering X-rays as a Tool for K-edge Densitometry 4133
  • M. Titberidze, K. Chouffani
    IAC, Pocatello, IDAHO, USA
  There is a huge interest in bright and tunable X-ray sources. These sources can be used in various research fields, including medical, biological and industrial fields. Laser Compton Scattering (LCS) technique gives us possibility to generate tunable, quasi monochromatic and polarized X-ray beam. One of the applications of LCS is the detection and quantitative identification of special nuclear materials (SNM) using K-edge densitometry(KED)method. Our group was the first one who has used a quasi-monochromatic LCS source to carry out KED experiments. The experiments showed that LCS technique could be used for SNM detection and quantification.