Author: Chen, J.F.
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THPPR034 Safety Interlock Implementation of Top-up Operation in the SSRF Control System 4044
  • L.R. Shen, G.H. Chen, J.F. Chen, W.D. Fang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The SSRF has performed two years stable operation on decay mode. In order to realize the Top-up operation, the upgrade of control system has been carried out for Top-up trial run. Control system sets up the operation mode control center and accomplishes the upgrading of the MPS system. According to the requirements of the physical design, control system accomplished the design and implementation of the interface for interoperate with PPS system, beam diagnosis system and power supply system and set up the interlocks of the radiation dose, energy, injection efficiency, beam current and beam life in Top-up mode. The kernel of top-up operation safety interlock system is based on hardware interlock system and also provides software interlocking as auxiliary. In the meantime, the reliability of software interlock has been improved.