Author: Chau, L.P.
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MOPPD050 Dipole Magnet Design for a Bunch Compressor 478
  • T. Kanesue, L.P. Chau, O. Meusel, D. Noll, U. Ratzinger
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  The FRANZ-ARMADILLO is a Mobley type bunch compressor system at the pulsed intense neutron source FRANZ, under construction at Frankfurt University. The FRANZ-ARMADILLO compresses 9μbunches of a 150 mA, 2 MeV proton beam accelerated by a 175 MHz linac into one short pulse of 1 ns pulse length with 250 kHz repetition rate. In the bunch compressor, two homogeneous dipole magnets and two gradient dipole magnets guide theμbunches, separated by a 5 MHz RF-kicker on individual tracks. The flight path length of theμbunches are determined based on the bunch center velocity and the linac frequency for the longitudinal bunch compression. The gradient dipole magnets provide individual magnetic fields and edge focusing forces to everyμbunch. For the center trajectory, the required parameters are a magnetic field density of 509.2 mT, bending angle of 78.27 deg, and bending radius of 404.5 mm. To satisfy all specifications, field clamps, shims, and chamfer cut will be adopted. The result of the gradient dipole magnet design and the expected performance based on beam dynamics studies will be presented.  
THPPP074 Chopping High Intensity Proton Beams Using a Pulsed Wien Filter 3907
  • C. Wiesner, L.P. Chau, H. Dinter, M. Droba, O. Meusel, I. Müller, D. Noll, U. Ratzinger
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  Chopping high intensity beams at low energies poses substantial challenges. A novel ExB chopper system for proton beams of up to 200 mA at energies of 120 keV is being developed for the accelerator driven neutron source FRANZ*. It uses a Wien filter-type ExB configuration consisting of a static magnetic deflection field and a pulsed electric compensation field to deliver 100 ns beam pulses. The setup minimizes the risk of voltage breakdowns and provides secure beam dumping outside the transport line. In order to prevent beam aberrations and emittance growth careful matching of electric and magnetic deflection forces is required. Detailed numerical studies for the field design and their effects on beam transport were conducted. An H-type dipole magnet with special transverse and longitudinal pole contours was manufactured and combined with shielding tubes to shape the magnetic field. The electric field is driven by a HV pulse generator providing ±6 kV at a repetition rate of 250 kHz. Accurate layout of the deflector plates is required in order to tackle the issues of field quality, cooling and spark prevention. Transport simulations and beam deflection experiments are presented.
* U. Ratzinger et al., "The Driver Linac of the Neutron Source FRANZ," Proc. of IPAC2011, WEPS040, P. 2577 (2011).