Author: Cee, R.
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TUOAB03 Five Years of Accelerator Operation Experience at HIT 1083
  • A. Peters, R. Cee, E. Feldmeier, M. Galonska, Th. Haberer, K. Höppner, S. Scheloske, C. Schömers, T. Winkelmann
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  Since spring 2007 the HIT company, a 100% daughter of the Heidelberg University Hospital, has taken over the responsibility for the operation of the first dedicated European ion beam tumour therapy facility. In 2009 the clinical operation started and since then more than 800 patients were treated in the facility. This success is based on a well-trained and highly-motivated team of physicists, engineers and technicians responsible for the 24/7 operation scheme as well as for more than 70% of the accelerator maintenance. The paper will give an overview of the operation organization reflecting the overall beam time schedule. In addition, the accelerator statistics will prove the achieved high availability of about 98% besides planned maintenance time. Furthermore, the reliability of the HIT accelerator including the gantry section will be illustrated resulting in long intervals before necessary retuning. At last, an outlook to further enhancements of the facility operation will be presented.  
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THPPD002 The First Magnetic Field Control (B-Train) to Optimize the Duty Cycle of a Synchrotron in Clinical Operation 3503
  • E. Feldmeier, R. Cee, M. Galonska, Th. Haberer, A. Peters, S. Scheloske
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  In December 2011 the Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center started to use the magnetic field feedback control for its clinical operation. Therewith the magnetic field deviation of the ramped magnets in the synchrotron depending on eddy currents and hysteresis are no longer in effect. Waiting times on the flattop and the "chimney" in the recovery phase of the synchrotron cycle are no longer necessary. The efficiency of the accelerator is increased by more than 20\% and the treatment time shortens accordingly. The core of the magnetic feedback system is a real time measuring system of the magnetic field with extremely high precision.