Author: Caldwell, A.
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WEPPR050 Future Colliders Based on a Modulated Proton Bunch Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration 3039
  • G.X. Xia, A. Caldwell
    MPI-P, München, Germany
  • P. Muggli
    MPI, Muenchen, Germany
  Recent simulation shows that a self-modulated high energy proton bunch can excite large amplitude plasma wakefields and accelerate an external electron bunch to higher energies*. Based on this scheme, future colliders, either an electron-positron linear collider (e+e collider) or an electron-hadron collider (e.g. LHeC) can be conceived. In this paper, we discuss some key design issues for an e+e collider and a high energy LHeC collider, based on the existing infrastructure of the CERN accelerator complex.
* A. Caldwell, K. Lotov, Plasma wakefield acceleration with a modulated proton bunch, arXiv: 1105.1292 (2011).