Author: Bopp, M.
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THPPC024 Design, Construction and Power Conditioning of the First C-band Test Accelerating Structure for SwissFEL 3329
  • R. Zennaro, J. Alex, H. Blumer, M. Bopp, A. Citterio, T. Kleeb, L. Paly, J.-Y. Raguin
    Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland
  The SwissFEL C-band linac will consist of 26 RF modules with a total acceleration voltage of 5.4 GV. Each module will be composed of a single 50 MW klystron and its solid-state modulator feeding a pulse compressor and four two-meter long accelerating structures. PSI has launched a vigorous R&D program of development of the accelerating structures including structure design, production and high-power RF tests. The baseline design is based on ultra-precise cup machining to avoid dimple tuning. The first test structure is a constant impedance structure composed of eleven double-rounded cups. We report here on the structure design, production, low-level RF measurements, high-power conditioning and breakdown analysis.