Author: Biocca, A.
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TUPPP037 Status of the ALS Brightness Upgrade 1692
  • C. Steier, B.J. Bailey, A. Biocca, A.T. Black, D. Colomb, N. Li, A. Madur, S. Marks, H. Nishimura, G.C. Pappas, S. Prestemon, D. Robin, S.L. Rossi, T. Scarvie, D. Schlueter, C. Sun, W. Wan
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.
The Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Berkeley Lab while one of the earliest 3rd generation light sources remains one of the brightest sources for sof x-rays. Another multiyear upgrade of the ALS is currently under way, which includes new and replacement x-ray beamlines, a replacement of many of the original insertion devices and many upgrades to the accelerator. The accelerator upgrade that affects the ALS performance most directly is the ALS brightness upgrade, which will reduce the horizontal emittance from 6.3 to 2.2 nm (2.6 nm effective). This will result in a brightness increase by a factor of three for bendmagnet beamlines and at least a factor of two for insertion device beamlines. Magnets for this upgrade are currently under production and will be installed later this year.