Author: Bevcic, M.
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Challenges of the FAIR Vacuum System  
  • A. Krämer, M.C. Bellachioma, M. Bevcic, H. Kollmus, J. Kurdal, H. Reich-Sprenger, M. Wengenroth, St. Wilfert
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  The FAIR accelerator complex consists of about 8km of vacuum system (6km beam lines and 2km of isolation vacuum for the superconducting magnets), where the vacuum requirements are different for almost all machines. While in the fast ramped SIS100 one has to deal with cryogenic and bakeable at room temperature operated sections with static vacuum pressure in the lower 10-12mbar regime, the 2.5km of high energy beam transfer system have moderate vacuum requirements of 10-8mbar. The NESR will be fully bakeable and has a design vacuum in the lower 10-12mbar regime, while the HESR, RESR and CR can tolerate higher pressure of 10-10mbar to 10-9mbar. In the Super-FRS one has beside the moderate vacuum of 10-6mbar to 10-8mbar to cope with a high radiation area close to the target. The vacuum challenges to achieve the required vacuum for all the machines will be described in this presentation.  
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