Author: Bernal, S.
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THPPR013 Beam Transport in Alternative Lattices at the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) 3993
  • S. Bernal, B.L. Beaudoin, M. Cornacchia, R.A. Kishek, D.F. Sutter
    UMD, College Park, Maryland, USA
  Funding: This work is funded by the US Dept. of Energy Offices of High Energy Physics and High Energy Density Physics, and by the US Dept. of Defense Office of Naval Research and Joint Technology Office.
We discuss the motivation, general procedure and results of first experiments of beam transport with two alternative focusing schemes at UMER, a low-energy (10 keV), high-current (1-100 mA) electron storage ring. The new ring optics simplifies injection and RMS envelope matching, and gives us a larger number of beam position monitors (BPMs) per (un-depressed) betatron wavelength, all of which are desirable conditions for better orbit control. Furthermore, one of the new optics schemes is more symmetrical than the standard one, facilitating e.g. the implementation of quadrupole scans for betatron resonance studies. The alternative lattices also allow us to expand significantly on the tune parameter space available for the study of space-charge dominated beam transport.