Author: Barton, T.J.
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WEPPR032 Simulation Studies of Adiabatic Thermal Beams in a Periodic Solenoidal Focusing Field 3003
  • C. Chen, T.J. Barton, D.M. Field, K.M. Lang
    MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  Funding: Research supported by DOE Grant No. DE-FG02-95ER40919, Grant No. DE-FG02-05ER54836, and MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.
Self-consistent simulations are performed to verify the theoretical predictions of adiabatic thermal beams in periodic solenoidal magnetic focusing fields*,**. In particular, results are obtained for adiabatic thermal beams that do not rotate in the Larmor frame. For such beams, the theoretical predictions of the rms beam envelope, the conservation of the rms thermal emittance, the adiabatic equation of state, and the Debye length are verified in the self-consistent simulations.
*K.R. Samokhvalova, J. Zhou and C. Chen, Phys. Plasma 14, 103102 (2007).
**J. Zhou, K.R. Samokhvalova and C. Chen, Phys. Plasma 15, 023102 (2008).