Author: Bartalesi, A.
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TUPPR052 3D FEA Computation of the CLIC Machine Detector Interface Magnets 1936
  • A. Bartalesi, M. Modena
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A critical aspect of the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) design is represented by the Accelerator/Experiment interface (called Machine Detector Interface or MDI). In the 3 TeV CLIC layout, the final focus QD0 quadrupole will be located inside the end-cap of the detector itself. This complex MDI scenario required to be simulated with a full 3D-FE analysis. This study was critical to check and control the magnetic cross-talk between the Detector Solenoid and the final Focus QD0 magnet and therefore to optimize the design of an “antisolenoids” system needed to shield the QD0 and the e/e+ beams from the detector magnetic field. In this paper the development and evolution of the computational FE model is presented together with the results obtained and their implication on the CLIC MDI Design.