Author: Badillo, I.
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THPPR008 Wireless Network Integration Into EPICS Systems 3978
  • I. Badillo, M. Eguiraun, D. Piso
    ESS-Bilbao, Zamudio, Spain
  • J. Jugo
    University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bilbao, Spain
  Funding: ESS Bilbao Consortium
Wired connections are very often irreplaceable in large scientific facilities due to performance and reliability issues. However, those communication links suffer from several disadvantages, such as lack of flexibility during deployment or reconfiguration and deterioration of wires and physical connectors. The goal of the present work is to introduce wireless EPICS sub-networks in a standard general wired EPICS system. This involves the study and selection of a proper wireless technology, architecture, communication strategy and security policy. To ensure the validity of the proposed approach, a thorough study of the results related parameters, such as throughput, security, repeatability and stability of the overall system is needed. Once those are considered, the next step is to decide where and when the replacement of physical connections with Wireless communication systems is suitable. The aim is to eliminate as many wires as possible without decreasing the reliability, security and performance of the current EPICS control network.