Author: Aslani, V.
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THPPD070 Design of High Power Pulse Modulator for Driving of Twystron used in S-band Linear Accelerator 3674
  • V. Aslani, F. AbbasiDavani, F. Ghasemi, M.Sh. Shafiee
    sbu, Tehran, Iran
  This design related to an s-band linear accelerator that the main tube and buncher of it have been made. RF power supply is used in this accelerator tube made up of a Twystron with 2.5 MW peak power and frequency band width 2.9~3.1 GHz. This paper offers the design of modulator for this RF amplifier. This modulator design uses solid-state method and is under construction with specification of ; Adjustable voltage from 0 to 120 kV, adjustable pulse width 2 until7μsecond, adjustable repetition rate 80-120 Hz ,ripple less than0.25% and efficiency up 80 percent. This system designed with series of 6 modules that each of them provides 5kV and IGBT switches that transform the voltage on the pulse transformer.