Author: Apollonio, M.
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TUPPP028 A Study of Girder Alignment with Survey Measurements In the Diamond Storage Ring 1674
  • M. Apollonio, R. Bartolini, R.T. Fielder, W.J. Hoffman, J. Kay, I.P.S. Martin, B. Singh
    Diamond, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  Using a model of the Diamond storage ring which includes displacements and rotations of the 74 magnet girders an attempt has been made to correlate survey data with the corrector magnet (CM) strengths required for a zero orbit. We then use the model to deduce the most effective girder movements that will bring about a reduction in corrector strength. We describe the results of these studies, and suggest a test with a deliberately displaced girder and the effect on corrector strengths, aimed at enhancing our understanding of the system