Author: Anastasopoulos, M.
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WEPPD074 Issues and Feasibility Demonstration of Positioning Closed Loop Control for the CLIC Supporting System Using a Test Mock-up with Five Degrees of Freedom 2696
  • M. Sosin, M. Anastasopoulos, N. Chritin, J. Kemppinen, H. Mainaud Durand, V. Rude, G. Sterbini, S. griffet
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Since several years, CERN is studying the feasibility of building a high energy e+ e linear collider: the CLIC (Compact LInear Collider). One of the challenges of such a collider is the pre-alignment precision and accuracy requirement on the transverse positions of the linac components, which is typically 14 μm over a window of 200 m. To ensure the possibility of positioning within such tight constraints, CERN Beams Department’s Survey team has worked intensively at developing the methods and technology needed to achieve that objective. This paper describes activities which were performed on a test bench (mock-up) with five degrees of freedom (DOF) for the qualification of control algorithms for the CLIC supporting system active-pre-alignment. Present understanding, lessons learned (“know how”), issues of sensors noise and mechanical components nonlinearities are presented.