Author: Alabau Pons, M.C.
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MOPPD062 Aperture Measurements in the LHC Interaction Regions 508
  • S. Redaelli, M.C. Alabau Pons, R.W. Assmann, R. Bruce, M. Giovannozzi, G.J. Müller, M. Pojer, J. Wenninger
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The aperture of the LHC interaction regions is crucial for the LHC performance because it determines the smaller β* that can be achieved. The aperture has been measured at a maximum energy of 3.5 TeV and at different β* values, following optimized procedure to allow safe measurements at high energy. In this paper, the results of these aperture measurements, which are used as a reference for β* reach and crossing scheme estimates at the LHC interaction points, are presented.