Author: Ahmadiannamini, S.
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TUPPR050 Design and simulation of Prebuncher for S-band Traveling Linear Accelerator 1930
  • S. Zarei, F. AbbasiDavani, S. Ahmadiannamini, F. Ghasemi
    sbu, Tehran, Iran
  • H. Shaker
    IPM, Tehran, Iran
  An S-band Traveling wave linear accelerator with an RF input peak power level up to 2.5 MW, for accelerating 1 mA beam of electron up to 15 MeV, is under construction in Iran. This article presents design procedure of a prebuncher for this accelerator. One standing-cavity type prebuncher is required for bunching electron beam for this accelerator. The intended prebuncher is driven by a coaxial line at 2 kW and operated at the same frequency of the other parts of the accelerator. The magnetic coupling applied has been applied for power coupling to the prebuncher cavity. The optimum dimensions of the prebuncher were obtained by using 2D and 3D electromagnetic codes in the frequency domain. Prebuncher cavity consists of a copper body and coupling loop feed.  
WEPPD063 Construction of Disk-loaded Buncher for S-Band Low Energy TW Electron Linear Accelerator 2666
  • F. Ghasemi, F. AbbasiDavani, S. Ahmadiannamini, M.Sh. Shafiee
    sbu, Tehran, Iran
  • M.L. Lamehi Rashti, H. Shaker
    IPM, Tehran, Iran
  The project of design and construction of Traveling linear electron accelerator is being performed by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) and Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. By using the results of the calculations and by dynamic simulation of electron beam in the designed buncher, the dimensions of the designed sample have been obtained. This paper discuss construction of this buncher.