Author: Wiebers, Ch.
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WEPF03 Scintillating Screen Monitors for Transverse Electron Beam Profile Diagnostics at the European XFEL 807
  • Ch. Wiebers, M. Holz, G. Kube, D. Nölle, G. Priebe, H.-C. Schröder
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Transverse beam profile diagnostics in modern electron linear accelerators like FELs or injector LINACs are mainly based on optical transition radiation (OTR) as standard technique which is observed in backward direction when a charged particle beam crosses the boundary between two media with different dielectric properties. The experience from modern LINAC based 4th generation light sources shows that OTR diagnostics might fail because of coherence effects in the OTR emission process. As a consequence, for the European XFEL which is currently under construction in Hamburg, transverse beam profile measurements are based on scintillating screen monitors. The LYSO:Ce screens are oriented such that coherent OTR generated at the screen boundaries will be geometrically suppressed. An additional advantage is that the imaging optics operate in Scheimpflug condition thus adjusting the plane of sharp focus with respect to the CCD chip and significantly increasing the apparent depth of field. This report gives an overview of the measuring principle and the monitor setup together with results of laboratory test measurements and a first prototype test at FLASH (DESY, Hamburg).