Author: Voronko, V.A.
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MOPF34 Nuclotron Deuterons Beam Parameters Measurements Using SSNTD 299
  • K.V. Husak, V.V. Bukhal
    The Joint Institute of Power and Nuclear Reserach - "SOSNY" NASB, Minsk, Belarus
  • M. Artiushenko, V.V. Sotnikov, V.A. Voronko
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • A.A. Patapenka, A.A. Safronava, I.V. Zhuk
    JIPNR-Sosny NASB, Minsk, Belarus
  ADS are considered as prospective nuclear installations for energy production and nuclear waste transmutation or recycling. The international project “Energy and Transmutation Radioactive Wastes” running in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics at JINR (Dubna, Russia) at the accelerator complex “Nuclotron” is aimed at a feasibility study of using a deeply subcritical natural or depleted uranium or thorium active core with very hard neutron spectrum inside for effective burning of the core material together with spent nuclear fuel. For any ADS experiment a necessary and a key element is beam diagnostics. In this paper a technique for precise measurement of deuteron beam parameters using SSNTD, developed within the bounds of “E&T RAW” project, is presented. The deuteron beam parameters, specifically beam shape, size and position on a target, are obtained from track density distribution on the irradiated track detectors. The presented technique has a resolution of 1 mm. The experimental results of beam parameter measurements for deuterons with energies of 2, 4 and 8 GeV at the irradiation of the uranium subcritical assembly “QUINTA”, obtained with the SSNTD technique, are presented.  
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