Author: Titberidze, M.
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TUPC33 Femtosecond Stable Laser-to-RF Phase Detection for Optical Synchronization Systems 447
  • T. Lamb, M.K. Czwalinna, M. Felber, C. Gerth, H. Schlarb, S. Schulz, C. Sydlo, M. Titberidze, F. Zummack
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • E. Janas
    Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electronic Systems, Warsaw, Poland
  • J. Szewiński
    NCBJ, Świerk/Otwock, Poland
  Optical reference distributions have become an indispensable asset for femtosecond precision synchronization of free-electron lasers. At FLASH and for the future European XFEL, laser pulses are distributed over large distances in round-trip time stabilized fibers to all critical facility sub-systems. Novel Laser-to-RF phase detectors will be used to provide ultra phase stable and long-term drift free microwave signals for the accelerator RF controls. In this paper, we present the recent progress on the design of a fully integrated and engineered version of the L2RF phase detector, together with first experimental results demonstrating so-far unrivaled performance.  
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