Author: Sui, Y.F.
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TUPC09 Longitudinal and Transverse Feedback Systems for the BEPCII Storage Rings 373
  • J. Yue, J.S. Cao, L. Ma, Y.F. Sui, L. Wang, X.Y. Zhao
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  In order to cure the transverse and longitudinal coupled bunch instabilities caused by higher order modes of RF cavities and resistive wall impedance in the BEPCII storage rings, two type bunch by bunch feedback system – a longitudinal feedback system and a transverse feedback system are used. The LFB system are digital system produced by Dimtel Company, the longitudinal kicker is drift-tube type borrowed from SLAC. An analog bunch-by-bunch transverse feedback system was designed and used*. The main components are two sets of beam oscillation detectors, betatron phase adjuster, notch filter and stripline kicker. This paper will describe the achieved results of curing the coupled bunch instabilities by using the LFB and TFB together with current status.
* Performance of the Transverse Coupled-Bunch Feedback System in the BEPCII Storage Ring, Proc. of 40th ICFA ABDW, 2008
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WEPC17 Design and Simulation of Beam Position Monitor for the CADS Injector I Proton Linac 710
  • Y.F. Sui, J.S. Cao, H.Z. Ma, Q. Ye, J. Yue
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Work supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NO. 11205172)
Beam Position Monitors (BPM) based on both capacitive and stripline pick-ups are designed for the China Accelerator Driven Subcritical system (C-ADS) Injector I proton LINAC. The BPM will be installed to measure the transverse beam position in the LINAC, of which the beam parameters are listed as current 10mA, energy 10MeV and the repetition frequency 325MHz. This contribution presents the status of the BPM design development and focuses on the design of the pick-ups and CST Particle Studio simulation results, including impedance, sensitivity, time domain, frequency domain response, etc. The main goal of the simulation is optimization of the mechanical design.