Author: Spataro, C.J.
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WEPC08 Vibration Measurement and its Effect on Beam Stability at NSLS2 674
  • W.X. Cheng, A.K. Jain, S. Krinsky, S.K. Sharma, C.J. Spataro
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Vibration measurements have been carried out at NSLS2. The floor has more than 100nm RMS vertical motion during workdays (>1Hz). This motion reduces to 30nm RMS during night and weekends. Traffic on the nearby expressway is considered to be the major source of ground motion. Weather (wind) and utility system induced vibrations are other possible factors on floor motion. Vibrations have been measured at various locations, like the tunnel and experiment floor, HXN long beamline satellite building floor, high stability BPMs, Quadrupole magnets etc. Assume a typical un-correlated motion of Quadrpole magnets of 100nm, beam orbit jitter is around 4-7 microns. Fast orbit feedback will control the orbit stability within 10% of beam size.