Author: Spanggaard, J.
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TUCL3 Gas Electron Multipliers Versus Multi Wire Proportional Chambers 342
  • S.C. Duarte Pinto
    Delft University of Technology, Opto-electronic Section, Delft, The Netherlands
  • J. Spanggaard
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Gas Electron Multiplication technology is finding more and more applications in beam instrumentation and at CERN these detectors have recently been adapted for use in transverse profile measurements at several of our facilities. In the experimental areas of CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator, low energy Gas Electron Multipliers successfully replaced all Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers in 2012 and another detector type has now been developed for high energy applications in the experimental areas of the SPS, totalling a potential of more than a hundred profile detectors to be replaced by GEM detectors of different types. This paper aims to describe the historical evolution of GEM technology by covering the many different applications but with specific focus on its potential to replace Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers for standard transverse profile measurement.  
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