Author: Shields, W.
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MOPC34 Longitudinal Beam Profile Monitor for Investigating the Microbunching Instability at Diamond Light Source 143
  • W. Shields, R. Bartolini, A.F.D. Morgan, G. Rehm
    Diamond, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • R. Bartolini, P. Karataev
    JAI, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • P. Karataev
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey, United Kingdom
  An investigation into the microbunching instability at Diamond Light Source has recently been conducted. Beyond the instability threshold, the bunch emits bursts of coherent synchrotron radiation with wavelengths comparable to the bunch length or shorter. The operating conditions for producing the instability include both normal optics, and low-alpha optics, where the bunch length can be shortened to a few picoseconds. A Michelson interferometer has been designed and installed utilising a silicon crystal wafer beamsplitter. Large bandwidth, room temperature pyroelectric detectors and low-noise, fast-response Schottky Barrier diode detectors have been employed to generate interferograms. In this paper, we describe the observed spectral content and the resulting calculated bunch length.