Author: Schmidt, R.
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MOPC45 A Prototype Readout System for the Diamond Beam Loss Monitors at LHC 182
  • E. Effinger, T. Baer, B. Dehning, R. Schmidt
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • H. Frais-Kölbl
    FH WN, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
  • E. Griesmayer
    ATI, Wien, Austria
  • P. Kavrigin
    CIVIDEC Instrumentation, Wien, Austria
  Diamond Beam Loss Monitors are used at the LHC for the measurement of fast beam losses. Results from specimen LHC loss measurements are presented in this talk. The bunch-to-bunch loss measurements make full use of the fast signal response of the diamond detectors with 1 ns time resolution and 6.7 ns double pulse resolution. The data processing is done with a dedicated readout system, which was designed and optimized for particular applications with the diamond beam loss monitors. This FPGA-based system provides on-line, real-time, and dead-time-free data processing. Several examples are presented: the Time Loss Histogram with 1.6 ns binning provides beam loss measurements that are synchronized with the revolution period throughout the full operational LHC cycle. The Post Mortem Recorder with a sampling frequency of 1 GS/s allows beam-loss-based tune estimates for all bunches in parallel. Future applications and upgrades are discussed.  
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