Author: Schedler, M.
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MOPC31 Streak Camera Imaging at ELSA 132
  • M.T. Switka, W. Hillert, M. Schedler, S. Zander
    ELSA, Bonn, Germany
  Funding: Funded by the DFG within SFB/TR 16
The Electron Stretcher Facility ELSA provides polarized electrons with energies up to 3.2 GeV for external hadron experiments. In order to suffice the need of stored beam currents towards 200 mA, studies of instabilities and the effect of adequate countermeasures are essential for appropriate machine settings. For this purpose a new diagnostic beamline has been constructed. It is optimized for transverse and longitudinal streak camera measurements with time resolution down to one picosecond. Operation of the diagnostic beamline has recently started and first measurements are presented.