Author: Revenko, R.V.
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WEPC20 Bunch Extension Monitor for LINAC of SPIRAL2 facility 720
  • R.V. Revenko, J.L. Vignet
    GANIL, Caen, France
  Funding: This work is funded in frame of CRISP project.
Measurements of the bunch longitudinal shape of beam particles are crucial for optimization and control of the LINAC beam parameters and maximization of its integrated luminosity. The non-interceptive bunch extension monitor for LINAC of SPIRAL2 facility is being developed at GANIL. The five bunch extension monitors are to be installed on the entrance of LINAC between superconducting cavities. The principle of monitor operation is based on registration of x-rays induced by ions of accelerator beam and emitted from thin tungsten wire. The monitor consists of two parts: system for wire insertion and positioning and x-ray detector based on microchannel plates. The prototype of detector has been developed and was tested using protons and heavy ions beams.
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