Author: Ravni, A.
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MOPF07 Turn by Turn Profile Monitors for the CERN SPS and LHC 216
  • S. Burger, A. Boccardi, E. Bravin, A. Goldblatt, A. Ravni, F. Roncarolo, R.S. Sautier
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  In order to preserve the transverse beam emittance along the acceleration chain it is important that the optics of the transfer lines is perfectly matched to the optics of the rings. Special monitors capable of measuring the beam profiles with a turn by turn resolution are very helpful in this respect. A new type of matching monitor has been developed at CERN for the SPS and LHC machines. This monitor relies on imaging OTR light by mean of a fast line scan CMOS and an asymmetric optical system based on cylindrical lenses. This contribution describes the design of this monitor, presents the results obtained during the 2012-13 run and outlines the plans for further improving the design.