Author: Otsu, S.
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TUCL2 A Development of High Sensitive Beam Profile Monitor using Multi-Screen 338
  • Y. Hashimoto, T. Toyama
    J-PARC, KEK & JAEA, Ibaraki-ken, Japan
  • T.M. Mitsuhashi, M. Tejima
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • S. Otsu
    Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Co., Ltd, Tsukuba, Japan
  The diagnostics of beam halo as well as beam core are very important for the regulation of the beam collimator. We have developed a monitor to observe two-dimensional beam profile with a large dynamic range. The monitor has been installed in 122m downstream from the beam collimator in 3-50 BT in the J-PARC. For measuring the beam core and the halo alternatively, the monitor has three kinds of screens. The first one is titanium foil OTR screen to measure a beam core, the second one is aluminum foil OTR screen having a hole (50 mm diameter) in the center, and the last one is a pair of alumina fluorescent screen with a separation of 80 mm in horizontal to observe the beam halo in surroundings. We designed an optical system based on the Offner optics for the observation of fluorescence and OTR lights. This optical system has an entrance aperture of 300 mm and it can cover the large opening angle (± 13.5 degree) of the OTR from 3GeV protons. A CID camera with an image intensifier (II) was use to observe the profile. We have succeeded to observe a profile of beam halo to 10-6 order to the peak of beam core by using proton beams of 9.6 x 1012 protons/pulse by this multi-screen scheme.  
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