Author: Murphy, S.
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MOPF19 Injection Efficiency Monitoring System at the Australian Synchrotron 248
  • E.D. van Garderen, S.A. Griffiths, G. LeBlanc, S. Murphy, A. Rhyder, A. C. Starritt
    ASCo, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  • M.J. Boland
    SLSA, Clayton, Australia
  The Australian Synchrotron upgraded its user mode from decay mode to top-up mode in May 2012. To monitor the beam charge passing through the accelerator systems at key transfer points the transmission efficiency system has been upgraded. The original system could only measure the efficiency of the booster to storage ring injection. The new one calculates intermediate efficiencies between six points along the injection system, from the electron gun to the booster-to-storage ring transfer line. This is helpful to diagnose in real-time shot-to-shot the performance of the pulsed magnets, ramped magnets and ramped RF systems and their associated triggers. A software-based injection efficiency interlock has also been introduced, that can inhibit the gun when the machine settings are not optimal. This article details the architecture of the injection efficiency system and lists the improvements on the machine that have been carried out to obtain high quality data.