Author: Martí, Z.
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WEPC22 First Steps Towards a Fast Orbit Feedback at ALBA 727
  • A. Olmos, S. Blanch-Torné, Z. Martí, J. Moldes, M. Muñoz, R. Petrocelli, X. Serra-Gallifa
    CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
  • A. Gutierrez-Milla
    UAB, Barcelona, Spain
  An optimum performance of the ALBA facility requires a beam orbit stability on the sub-micron level up to frequencies in the 100 Hz range. The Fast Orbit FeedBack system (FOFB) is designed to achieve such a stability. After investigation of possible system architecture, a decision has been taken that exploits the available in-house hardware. This “low-cost” first stage FOFB will be an ideal test-bench to learn about beam stabilization and find possible problems and improvements on it. This report explains the current lay-out and status of the FOFB at ALBA.  
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