Author: Loret, S.
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WEPF32 Measurement and Control of the Beam Energy for the SPIRAL2 Accelerator 897
  • W. Le Coz, C. Doutresssoulles, C. Jamet, G. Ledu, S. Loret, C. Potier de courcy
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The first part of the SPIRAL2 facility, which entered last year in the construction phase at GANIL in France, will be composed of an ion source, a deuteron/proton source, a RFQ and a superconducting linear accelerator delivering high intensities, up to 5 mA and 40 MeV for the deuteron beams. As part of the MEBT commissioning, the beam energy will be measured on the BTI (Bench of Intermediate Test) at the exit of the RFQ. At the exit of the LINAC, the system has to measure but also control the beam energy. The control consists in ensuring that the beam energy is under a limit by taking account of the measurement uncertainty. The energy is measured by a method of time of flight, the signal is captured by non-intercepting capacitive pick-ups. This paper presents also the results obtained in terms of uncertainties and dynamics of measures.