Author: Li, M.
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MOPC13 Design of Cold Beam Position Monitor for CADS Injector II Proton LINAC 75
  • Y. Zhang, X.C. Kang, M. Li, J.X. Wu, G. Zhu
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  Cold beam position monitor based on capacitive buttons are designed for Chinese Accelerator Driven System (CADS) Injector II proton LINAC. This LINAC is aiming to produce a maximum design current of 15 mA at the 10 MeV energy with an operating frequency of 162.5 MHz. Cold button BPM will be installed in the Cryomodule, which will be in the middle of the superconductor cavity and the superconductor magnet. Some special issues must be considered when designing a cold BPM: low-beta beam in the cryogenic environment, strong rf-field from the superconductor cavity and high magnetic field from the superconductor magnet. In this contribution, the status of cold BPM will be presented, focusing on the electromagnetic response for low-beta beams and mechanical design in the cryogenic environment.  
MOPF02 The Wire Scanner Control Sytem for C-ADS Injector-II 197
  • M. Li, X.C. Kang, R.S. Mao, J.X. Wu, Y.J. Yuan, J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, G. Zhu
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  The C-ADS project is a strategic plan to solve the nuclear waste problem and the resource problem for nuclear power plants in China. The first step of this project is to build two 5-MeV test CW linac. The institute of Modern physics (IMP) is in charge of designing one of them. In order to measure the beam profile in this linac, a wire scanner system was designed and tested. In this paper, the mechanical design and control system of this wire scanner system are introduced. A real-time, closed loop control system is being developed and tested for more repeatable and accurate positioning of beam sense wires. All of the electronic and computational duties are handled in one the National Instruments compact RIO real-time chassis with a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The beam test result of this system in IMP 320 KV beam line was present. The test result of this system and the measured beam profile result are discussed in this paper.