Author: Leloir, S.L.
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WEPF33 Measurement and Control of the Beam Intensity for the SPIRAL2 Accelerator 900
  • S.L. Leloir, T. André, B. Ducoudret, C. Jamet, G. Ledu, C. Potier de courcy
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The phase 1 of the SPIRAL2 facility is under construction at the GANIL (Caen, France). The accelerator including a RFQ and a superconducting linac will product deuteron, proton and heavy ion beams in a wide range of intensities and energies (beam power range: a few 100W to 200kW). The measurements of the beam intensities are ensured by several AC and DC Current Transformers (ACCT/DCCT). These measurements are required for the accelerator tuning and the beam controls for safety requests during the daily operation. The uncertainty has to be taken into account to determine the threshold value. This paper presents the measuring chain description of ACCT/DCCT, the signal processing by integration and the uncertainty studies.  
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