Author: Lange, B.
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MOPC22 A New High-Dynamic Range BPM for ELBE with Integrated Differential Current Monitor (DCM) 104
  • A. Büchner, B. Lange
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  ELBE is a LINAC electron accelerator for small energies (12 to 50 MeV). It serves as a beam source for many quite different experiments. The recent ELBE upgrade allows electron beams with bunches in the range of single electrons to 1 nC. The maximum beam current is 1.6 mA CW and the repetition rates covering the range from one shot single bunch pulses to 26 MHz CW. The existing BPMs and especially the DCMs which are used for the Machine Protection System cannot handle this wide parameter range. To improve this situation the development of new BPMs / DCMs was necessary. The DCMs measure the difference of the beam current between two stripline sensors and produce an interlock for differences greater 10 microamps. The new BPM electronics system has been designed including the DCM functionality because both BPMs and DCMs use the same stripline sensor signals at 1.3 GHz.