Author: Junhui, J.H.
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MOPF20 Bunch Purity Measurement for BEPCII 252
  • H. Jun, J.S. Cao, J.H. Junhui
    IHEP, People's Republic of China
  The bunch purity is very important for time-resolved experiments. It is determined by the quality of the injection system and Touschek effect. The Beijing Electron-Positron Collider (BEPC) II was constructed for both high energy physics (HEP) and synchrotron radiation (SR) researches. It can be operated in the colliding mode and synchrotron radiation mode. It is planned to measure the beam quality in a short time of several minutes by using a timecorrelated single photon counting method. The method has a time resolution of 450 ps and a dynamic range of five orders of magnitude. In this paper, we describe our experimental set up and give a series of test results for colliding mode. We plan to set up a system which can kick out the unwanted bunches in the next stage.