Author: Hänel, M.
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MOPC07 Design Considerations for a New Beam Diagnostics for Medical Electron Accelerators 60
  • D. Vlad
    Siemens AG Healthcare, H CP CV - Components and Vacuum, Erlangen, Germany
  • M. Hänel
    Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany
  A new beam diagnostics system is under construction at the Siemens Healthcare Sector facility in Rudolstadt, Germany. The project goal is to develop, commission and operate a beam diagnostics system to characterize the compact medical linear electron accelerators and help improve the quality of their output beam. A brief system description together with the main electron beam parameters is given. The diagnostics will allow the characterization of the compact linear accelerators by measuring beam intensity/charge using a toroid, transverse beam profile using scintillating screens and transverse beam emittance by means of the quadrupole scan method. In the longitudinal plane the energy and energy spread will be determined using a spectrometer magnet.