Author: Gyorgy, A.
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WEPF07 Profile Grid Monitor and First Measurement Results at the MedAustron Accelerator 822
  • M. Repovz, A. Gyorgy, A. Kerschbaum, F. Osmic, S.M. Schwarz
    EBG MedAustron, Wr. Neustadt, Austria
  • G. Burtin
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  MedAustron is an ion beam therapy center located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. The design is based on CERN’s Proton-Ion Medical Machine Study and the project is currently in the installation and commissioning phase. This paper summarizes the design, production and commissioning of MedAustron’s beam profile grid monitor. This monitor measures the beam profile in the low and medium energy beam transfer line where the beam dimensions can be as large as 100 mm. Reasonable position resolution is achieved with a harp consisting of 64 wires per plane and a pitch of up to 1.7 mm. Special effort was needed to produce such harps and bring the signal cables out of the vacuum. As the readout electronics has to cope with DC as well as pulsed beam all 128 wires are acquired simultaneously. This is achieved by integrating the charge during the “flat-top” of the beam pulse and storing it for serial transmission to the back end electronics for conversion. The high accuracy requires calibration of offset and amplification errors for every single channel. A NI PXI FPGA card controls the readout chain. The code for controlling the readout, including the graphical interface, is written in NI LabView.