Author: Gerard, D.
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WEPF09 Profile and Emittance Measurements at the CERN LINAC-4 3 MeV Test Stand 826
  • F. Zocca, E. Bravin, M. Duraffourg, G.J. Focker, D. Gerard, U. Raich, F. Roncarolo
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A new 160 MeV H Linac named Linac-4 will be built at CERN to replace the old 50 MeV proton Linac. The ion source, the 3 MeV RFQ and the medium energy transport (MEBT) hosting a chopper, have been commissioned in a dedicated test stand. Wire grids and wire scanners were used to measure the transverse beam profile and a slit/grid emittance meter was installed on a temporary test bench plugged at the RFQ and MEBT exit in different stages. The emittance meter slit was also used as a scanning scraper able to reconstruct the transverse profile by measuring the transmission with a downstream current transformer. On the same measurement bench, a spectrometer in conjunction with a wire grid allowed measuring the energy spread of the particles. This paper summarizes the measurement results that allowed characterizing the 3 MeV beam and discusses the present understanding of monitor performance.