Author: Ensinger, W.
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TUPF21 Response of Scintillating Screens to Fast and Slow Extracted Ion Beams 553
  • A. Lieberwirth, W. Ensinger
    TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  • P. Forck, B. Walasek-Höhne
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  Funding: Funded by German Ministry of Science (BMBF), contract number 05P12RDRBJ
For the FAIR project, imaging properties of inorganic scintillators for high energetic heavy ion beams were studied. In order to investigate the characteristics of scintillation response and transverse beam profile, several experiments were conducted with slow (200 ms) and fast (1 μs) extracted 350 MeV/u Uranium beams from SIS18. The extracted particle number was varied between 105 and 109 particles per pulse for the irradiation of seven different scintillators: YAG:Ce-crystals with different qualities, pure and Cr-doped alumina as well as two phosphors P43 and P46. Additionally radiation resistance tests for all phosphor screens and the Cr-doped alumina screen were performed by irradiating with more than 700 pulses with 109 ions each. Linear response in scintillation light output as well as realistic statistical moments over the large range of ion intensities are presented for each material. Only minor changing in target response was observed after 45 minutes of permanent irradiation.
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