Author: Duarte, H.O.C.
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TUPC07 Design and Impedance Optimization of the SIRIUS BPM Button 365
  • H.O.C. Duarte, S.R. Marques, L. Sanfelici
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  Design of several BPM Buttons is presented with detail impedance, heat transfer and mechanical analysis. Special attention is given to the application of ceramics as materials with low relative permittivity inside of the BPM Button and to the geometric shape of the BPM Button. The heat dissipation is evaluated based on the loss factor calculated for a 2.65mm bunch length. The narrow-band impedance is discussed and its dependence on applied ceramic materials is compared.  
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TUPC08 Design and Impedance Optimization of the LNLS-UVX Longitudinal Kicker Cavity 369
  • L. Sanfelici, H.O.C. Duarte, S.R. Marques
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  Performance evolution of parameters achieved during the electromagnetic design of the longitudinal kicker cavity for the LNLS UVX storage ring is presented. The effort on the electromagnetic optimization process of the heavily loaded cavity has been made to reach the required electrodynamic parameters of the kicker. The results for three different geometries are compared and a good compromise between the longitudinal shunt impedance and the effect of the longitudinal Higher Order Modes (HOM’s) on beam stability has been found.  
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