Author: Dolenc Kittelmann, I.
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TUPC01 Overview of the European Spallation Source Warm Linac Beam Instrumentation 346
  • B. Cheymol, C. Böhme, I. Dolenc Kittelmann, H. Hassanzadegan, A. Jansson, T.J. Shea, L. Tchelidze
    ESS, Lund, Sweden
  The normal conducting front end of the European Spallation source will accelerate the beam coming for the ion source up to 90 MeV. The ESS front end will consist in an ion source, a low energy beam transport line, a radio frequency quadrupole, a medium energy beam transport line and a drift tube linac. The warm linac will be equipped with beam diagnostics to measure the beam position, the transverse and longitudinal profile as well as beam current and beam losses. This will provide efficient operation of ESS, and ensure keeping the losses at a low level. This paper gives an overview of the beam diagnostics design and their main features.  
WEPC06 Beam Instrumentation in the ESS Cold Linac 667
  • C. Böhme, B. Cheymol, I. Dolenc Kittelmann, H. Hassanzadegan, A. Jansson
    ESS, Lund, Sweden
  Parts of the linac of the European Spallation Source will consist of cryogenic cavity modules. In between these will be warm sections at room temperature to host amongst others the beam instrumentation. Each of the warm sections will host two beam position monitors and one or two other instruments, which might be a beam current monitor, invasive and non-invasive transverse beam profile monitor, bunch shape monitor, or halo monitor. The concept of the warm section layout will be shown and the planned instrumentation will be presented.