Author: De Monte, R.
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The FERMI@Elettra Cavity BPM System  
  • R. De Monte
    Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Basovizza, Italy
  Raffaele gave a short introduction on the FERMI@Elettra FEL project and the related cavity BPM diagnostics system, most used along the two undulator areas. As of limited manpower resources, the 6.5GHz cavity BPM system builds as much as possible upon industrial components. The analog front-end solution is somewhat untypical, and generated some interesting discussion. Instead of the usual heterodyne downconverter, a hybrid based RF detector rectifies the signals in front of the μATCA-based digitizer. Phase shifters are used to zero calibrate the channels, as well as a calibration tone feed through the reference channel. The measured resolution is ~1.4μm, however, efforts to improve the resolution <0.5μm are underway. These include adding a downconvertor section into the signal processing. The pros and cons of this improvement were discussed rather controversial.  
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