Author: Cargnelutti, M.
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WEPC18 Development of Compact Electronics Dedicated to Beam Position Monitors in Injectors and Boosters 713
  • G. Jug, M. Cargnelutti
    I-Tech, Solkan, Slovenia
  • K.B. Scheidt
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  The need for state-of-the-art electronics for data-acquisition and processing of BPM signals in Injector and/or Booster Synchrotrons is being addressed in a development that aims at making such system available with less complexity and yet fulfilling precisely the needs of such specific BPMs. The ESRF Booster Synchrotron uses 75 BPMs in its 300m circumference to measure the orbit along its acceleration cycle of 50 milliseconds for the electron beam from 0.2 to 6GeV. The 25 year old electronics of these BPMs are in need of replacement. While BPM developments in recent years have focused on devices for Storage Rings that face extreme requirements like sub-micron drift with time, beam intensity, etc. that result in complicated implementation schemes. This new development combines both the simplification in the measurement concept and the implementation of novelties like compact design integrating RF electronics, with power-over-Ethernet supply and passive cooling, a powerful System-on-Chip engine and easy communication via SCPI commands. This paper will present the full design concept and its aimed functionalities as a BPM device that should offer an excellent price/performance ratio.