Author: Bossi, M.
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MOPC04 Electron Beam Collimation for Slice Diagnostics and Generation of Femtosecond Soft X-Ray Pulses from a Free Electron Laser 49
  • S. Di Mitri, M. Bossi, D. Castronovo, I. Cudin, M. Ferianis, L. Fröhlich
    Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Basovizza, Italy
  We present the experimental results of femtosecond slicing an ultra-relativistic, high brightness electron beam with a collimator*. We demonstrate that the collimation process preserves the slice beam quality, in agreement with our theoretical expectations, and that the collimation is compatible with the operation of a linear accelerator. Thus, it turns out to be a more compact and cheaper solution for electron slice diagnostics than commonly used radiofrequency deflecting cavities and having minimal impact on the machine design. The collimated beam can also be used for the generation of stable femtosecond soft x-ray pulses of tunable duration from a free electron laser.
* S. Di Mitri et al., Phys. Rev. Special Topics - Accel. Beams 16, 042801 (2013).