Author: Arbel, M.
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TUPF33 Electron Beam Diagnostics Using Radiation from a Free Electron Laser 593
  • M. Arbel
    H.I.T., Holon, Israel
  • A. Eichenbaum
    Ariel University Center of Samaria, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel, Israel
  In most devices based on a high energy electron beam, which used for electromagnetic radiation production, great efforts are focused on the electron beam quality improvement. This is the case in a Free-Electron Laser (FEL) where electron beam with a low normalized emittance is required. Thus, diagnostic tools are required to investigate e-beam properties, such as beam emittance, longitudinal space charge, energy spread and velocity spread. In this paper we present analysis of radiation measurements obtained from a pre-bunched e-beam FEL. The measurements were made for a wide range of frequencies and for beam currents from low currents to high currents, where space charge effects can not neglected. We apply a frequency domain formulation to analyze the measured radiation. The spectral signature of the radiation emission obtained from a pre-bunched e-beam can provide vital information on e-beam properties. We show that a rigorous analysis of the measured radiation, allows characterization of the e-beam parameters. This analysis can provide some insights to the development of e-beam accelerators and radiation sources devices and to help physicists interpreting radiated signals.