Author: Andersson, Å.
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TUPF09 Commissioning Experience and First Results From the New SLS Beam Size Monitor 519
  • V. Schlott, M. Rohrer, Á. Saá Hernández, A. Streun
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • Å. Andersson, J. Breunlin
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  • N. Milas
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  Funding: The presented work has received funding from the European Commission under FP-7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2010-1/INFRA-2010- 2.2.11 project TIARA (CNI-PP). Grant agreement no. 261905.
In the context of the TIARA work package “SLS vertical emittance tuning” (SVET), an extremely small vertical beam size of 3.6 μm, corresponding to a vertical emittance of 0.9 pm, was verified using an optical monitor based on imaging of pi-polarized light. Since the existing beam size monitor reached its limit of resolution, a new monitor beam line was designed and installed at the 08BD bending magnet of the storage ring of the Swiss Light Source SLS. Larger magnification and operation at shorter wavelength provide improved spatial resolution. Reflective optics enables convenient switching between different wavelengths. An optical table is located in a hutch outside the storage ring tunnel to provide access during operation. Movable obstacles in the beam path create interference patterns and thus provide redundancy of model based analysis of the images. In this paper we report on our commissioning experience and provide a comparison of the different measurement methods at different wavelengths.
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