Author: Yang, X.M.
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MOC04 Operating of SXFEL in a Single Stage High Gain Harmonic Generation Scheme 29
  • G.L. Wang, D.X. Dai, G.R. Wu, X.M. Yang, W.Q. Zhang
    DICP, Dalian, People's Republic of China
  The beam energy spread at the entrance of undulator system is of paramount importance for efficient density modulation in high-gain seeded free-electron lasers (FELs). In this paper, the dependencies of high harmonic bunching efficiency in the high-gain harmonic generation (HGHG) schemes on the electron energy spread distribution are studied. Theoretical investigations and multi-dimensional numerical simulations are applied to the cases of uniform and saddle beam energy distributions and compared to a traditional Gaussian distribution. It shows that the uniform and saddle electron energy distributions significantly enhance the performance of HGHG-FELs. A numerical example demonstrates that, with the saddle distribution of sliced beam energy spread controlled by a laser heater, the 30th harmonic radiation can be directly generated by a single-stage seeding scheme for a soft x-ray FEL facility.  
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