Author: Xu, W.
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MOP010 Linac Design of the IR-FEL Project in CHINA 46
  • Z.G. He, Q.K. Jia, L. Wang, W. Xu, S.C. Zhang
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  We are building an infrared free-electron laser (IR-FEL) facility that will operate from 5 um to 200 um. This FEL source is drived by a linac, which is composed of a triode electron gun, a subharmonic prebuncher, a buncher, two accelerators, and a beam transport line. The linac is required to operate from 15 to 60 MeV at 1 nC charge, while delivering a transverse rms emittance of smaller than 30 mm-mrad in a 5 ps rms length, smaller than 240 keV rms energy spread bunch at the Far-infrared and Mid-infrared undulators. In this article, the preliminary Linac design studies are described.  
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