Author: Tao, T.
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TUP070 Energy Jitter Minimization at LCLS 523
  • L. Wang, A.L. Benwell, A. Brachmann, W.S. Colocho, F.-J. Decker, Z. Huang, T.J. Maxwell, T. Tao, J.L. Turner
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  The energy jitters of the electron beam can affects the FEL in self-seeded modes if the jitter is large compared to the FEL parameter. We work in multiple ways to reduce the jitters, including hardware improvement, optimization linac set-up. This paper discusses the optimization of linac set-up. The solutions always suggest that we can largely reduce the energy jitter from a weak compression at BC1 and a stronger compression at BC2. Meanwhile a low beam energy at BC2 also reduce the energy jitter, which is confirmed by the experiment. The results can be explained by a simple model. Experimental results are also presented, demonstrating better than 20% and 40% relative energy jitter reduction for 13.6 and 4 GeV linac operation, respectively.  
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